I'm going to call it what it is

Houston we have a problem

Because babe, if you haven’t figured out by now, your capacity for endless abundance has everything to do with how much you believe you deserve. Your ability to be, do and have anything you want starts in your mind and grows in your heart!

It’s time to let go of the shitty thinking that has kept your replaying old programs of “not enough”. It’s time to stop living your life according to everybody else’s plans for you.
It’s time to let go of the wounds of your past.
It’s time to stop holding yourself back.
It’s time you got real with yourself for a second...

It’s time to say bye-bye to the old version of you addicted to scarcity and the desperate chase for more. 

And say hello to the deeply worthy version of you who knows and trusts that life has her back and that all her needs are taken care of.

Hey there, I'm Tam!

I’m a parent of two fur babies, aesthetic pleasure seeker, sacred rebel & lover of all things unseen & unknown. For as long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued by wonder and possibility, sensing a world beyond what I could experience with my five senses. 

At the age of twelve years old, my wonder-filled reality came crashing down with the double homicide of my folks. I was introduced to Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” around the same time, and from this moment forward, my love for understanding human nature and the healing arts was sparked. This was the moment I realized that I truly did have the power within me to overcome and transform my pain into my purpose, however, I was not ready to do the work just yet. (After all, I was a teenager with other plans in mind ;))

I graduated from The University of Cape Town with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and then went on to get certified as a yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. I had a feeling that the field of Psychology had missed some fundamentals of how powerful we truly are, and so my quest for understanding the nature of reality continued as I continued to self-study.

Throughout my life I grappled with depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues and a plethora of dysfunctional emotional and mental patterns that were keeping me playing records of my past. I had identified with struggle and was conditioned to believe that my life was destined to be painful. 

Upon deciding to get sober and begin the deep healing work in order to create the life of my dreams, I began unravelling outdated and old programs that no longer served me. Choosing a new way of being in the world was one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself.

I now work with women around the world, helping them transform their pain into pleasure leaving a world of scarcity and “not enough” behind. My work involves diving deep into healing your relationship with yourself, money and a perceived lack of time. My wildly successful method: unravelling old belief systems that are keeping you in survival mode is the key to living a life of abundance. In my world, we do the deep inner work in order to see the result show up on the outside. 

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Of all those things you are not. Healing can only take place when you are aware of what needs to change.


Healing takes place at the unconscious level when you resolve the deep pain keeping you "stuck".


The epic results you want in life take place effortlessly when you integrate all parts of yourself.

the best investment is yourself




The final step in the healing journey. Your capacity to accelerate your abundance and live a life of supreme confidence is totally available and accesible to you.

I completed Tam’s course towards the end of 2019 – a time in my life when I was dealing with a multitude of emotions and life decisions. The course came at the perfect time, as it allowed me to focus my thoughts and energy within. Not only did the course bring to light the fact that we cultivate our own happiness, but that we have a responsibility to the energy we receive and release. I thoroughly enjoyed learning new concepts of the being, mind, and spirit. The course excels at teaching how to be present and conscious with our thoughts, emotions, and senses, and it comes highly recommended to anyone seeking meaning in their lives, introspection, as well as personal growth

- Blythe Mills

Client Love

I’m not usually one that jumps into these things mostly because I associate courses as additional work to my already busy life...but this course came at the right time in my life, almost as if the universe was sending me a message so I didn’t ignore it and I’m really glad I didn’t!

- Jessica Lindsay Smith

Reclaiming your personal power” – inner peace is a choice. I chose to take this wonderful course during a turbulent time in my life where I was experiencing day-to-day struggles with mind-consuming negativity and adverse self-perceptions. Throughout the course I learned that balance should not be something I should achieve, but something that I should transform into a lifestyle. This course opened my eyes to the idea that gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but perhaps the parent of all others. Your happiness does not cause you to be grateful for what you have. Your gratitude for what you have causes you to be happy. A positive outlook will translate into physical, spiritual and emotional health. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is ready for self-elevation. Thank you, Tam! 

- Kendal Remmington 

Fun Facts

I’m a parent of two fur babies, aesthetic pleasure seeker, sacred rebel & lover of all things unseen & unknown. For as long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued by wonder and possibility, sensing a world beyond what I could experience with my five senses. 


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